Utility Student Internship

Objectives of the Summer Utility Intership

  • Provide training and education to advance U.S. workforce by better integrating energy and resiliency education, research and commercialization
  • Support University of Alaska Workforce Development, with emphasis on Alaska energy industry
  • Prepare students for interesting careers that require advanced skills, greater knowledge, and more flexibility
  • Provide opportunity for industry to shape workforce and establish pool of qualified candidates for full time employment
  • Improve ACEP research/collaboration efforts through improved understanding of current industry needs



  • Recruit, review internship applications, coordinate interviews and select interns based on utility needs
  • Work with utilities to create interns scope of work & tailor internship opportunity for each student
  • Provide ACEP-affiliated mentor for each intern
  • Prepare interns with supporting knowledge & skills
  • Fund intern salary and travel to/from field
  • Coordinate post-assignment report-outs by interns


  • Work with ACEP and ACEP-affiliated mentor to develop appropriate internship scope of work
  • Participate as an invited speaker during Spring semester preparatory sessions
  • Provide housing and supervision/mentorship on-site
  • Identify alignment with ACEP research efforts and potentially enter into research data sharing agreement
  • Evaluate intern progress with ACEP-affiliated mentor