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The ACEP Utility Student Internship is a dynamic program seeking to strengthen Alaska's energy workforce.

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    • Heike Merkel
    • ACEP Utility Student Internship, Program Director
    • University of Alaska Fairbanks
    • hmerkel@alaska.edu | (970) 718-2817
  • “Internships are an integral part of the college education process. Our ACEP Utility Student Internship program provides Alaskan students with practical experiences and a window into the energy industry — outside of a classroom.”

    Heike Merkel is passionate about building a college-educated workforce in the energy sector in Alaska. As part of this effort, the ACEP Utility Student Internship Program was initiated and is now in its third year. 

    “The program strives to connect Alaskan students with the energy industry and to prepare the students for the challenges of a fast-changing energy landscape in Alaska, and globally.”

    We are working on making a difference by giving the students the tools and skill sets to start a successful career and to make an impact on the Alaskan economy by applying their knowledge to energy infrastructure in rural and urban locations with innovative solutions to the design, operation and maintenance of microgrids. The students work with communities, organizations, the utility industry and governmental agencies during their internship projects to create networks and connections that enable successful cooperation during the internship and afterwards.

    • Patty Eagan
    • ACEP Utility Student Internship, Program Coordinator
    • University of Alaska Fairbanks
    • pmeagan@alaska.edu | (907) 322-4793
  • "Each intern helps a utility or partner work on a unique energy problem - a win-win collaboration for Alaska’s energy workforce."

    Patty Eagan cares deeply about Alaska communities and recognizes the vital role utilities play in Alaska's energy future. Alaska's energy industry is dynamic and growing, and she finds it rewarding to see the internship collaborations benefit the utilities, partners, and interns alike.

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To grow Alaska's energy workforce, we collaborate with:

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  • Researchers
  • Funders
  • Undergraduate Students
  • University of Alaska



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