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The ACEP Undergraduate Summer Internship is a dynamic program seeking to strengthen Alaska's energy workforce.

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    • Jeff Fisher
    • ACEP Undergraduate Summer Internship, Engagement Coordinator
    • University of Alaska Fairbanks
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  • Jeff is the assistant storyteller & AUSI engagement coordinator at ACEP. In his role as the assistant storyteller, he has the privilege of sharing all the amazing work and research that goes on at ACEP through various communication outlets and social media channels with our greater audience. Jeff’s skills as a photographer have carried over to being a valuable asset for visually capturing the work that is done at ACEP from behind the lens. In addition to his storytelling role, Jeff is also the AUSI engagement coordinator, ensuring that ACEP interns have an enriching and fulfilling experience during their summer internship. 

    Before moving to Alaska two years ago from Portland, Oregon to pursue a curiosity for dog mushing, Jeff was the habitat monitoring lead for The Freshwater Trust. In this role, he was in charge of the collection, analysis and communication of habitat and flow restoration data, critical to informing project success.

    When not at work, Jeff enjoys running long distances in the mountains, fly fishing and rafting rivers, photography, and skijoring with his wife and four semi-well-behaved retired sled dogs.

    • Annalise Klein
    • ACEP Undergraduate Summer Internship, Interim Program Coordinator
    • University of Alaska Fairbanks
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  • Annalise Klein is a current ARCTIC fellow with the Alaska Center for Energy and Power. She holds a masters in education and her other projects with ACEP include work with the Teaching Through Technology (T3) Alliance.

    We are working to give students the tools and skill sets to jumpstart a successful career and to make an impact on the Alaskan economy by applying their knowledge to energy projects. The AUSI program's applied research projects encourage innovative solutions to the design, operation and maintenance of energy systems. Interns work with ACEP researchers during the internship while creating networks and connections around Alaska.

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